Vision – Goals


To play an active role in improving the quality of life of people. Our job is to efficiently organize each service according to the needs of our customer.


Starting from the village of Pastida, the sacred site of Filerimos, this trip is the  historical and cultural development of the region before the Mycenaean era until today. Our proposal highlights the special natural and cultural features of Rhodes and “ACHAIAS city”, setting as main design the culture and the environment.

So the journey, wandering in space and time with the substantial interconnection past – present – future, preserving the identity of the region and values ​​to recruit new dimensions, are the goals of our program. Specifically, the journey in space can be achieved by designing actions aimed at exploiting the natural and human environment of the region. Then, time travel is pivotal to promoting the local cultural heritage in the broad sense.

Through a network of thematic routes will be sought to highlight not only  monuments but other integral elements of local culture, material or not. Thus, the thematic routes will not only serve to support simple acquaintance with the natural and historical wealth of a region, but it will be the network through which will emerge and will integrate the various individual productive activities of the area within a larger whole.

More broadly, the cooperative goal is the pursuit of collective benefit and service general social interest. Furthermore, the aim is to produce goods and services for the satisfaction of collective needs (culture, environment, ecology, education, utilities facilities, utilization of local products, maintaining traditional activities and professions, etc.) that promote local and collective interest, promote employment, strengthening social cohesion and the strengthening of local or regional development.

For the success of the objectives, the Association may exercise any form of productive economic activity, consumer, commercial, transport, tourism, construction, development, social, educational or cultural nature.